Allcom - High Tech Branch of Almina Trading and Contracting Establishment


DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is a device that will store all your images for playback. Due to growing demand for better picture quality and longer recording time, DVRs are beign enhanced daily. We provide top of the line DVRs from various manfaturers to meet all requirement from our Customers for various applications.

Allcom - Almina provides Following Fixed Type Cameras.

  • DVR Products Overview
  • Fusion DVR - Top of the line DVR with high resolution recording for industrial/commercial sector.
  • Pos Pro - Stand Alone DVR for retailers with PoS/ATM interface.
  • DVM - Digital Video Manager for management of vaious DVRs and locations.
  • HRHD - Standalone DVRs suited for small/medium businesses.
  • Enterprise - Sofisticated DVR system suited for enterprises such as Casinos or Airports.
  • Mobile DVR - Mobile DVRs that will fit into vehicles,RV.